Bali Photography is to showcase some of the most beautiful photographs of Bali and the work of photographers living in the island of the gods. This is not just another image collection. Bali Photography chooses quality over quantity to bring you up close and deep inside this mystical and wonderful island.

Meet the photographers that make this site possible:


Dani Stein

Dani is a self taught photographer with a special interest in travel and landscape photography. He is living in Bali since 2012 and you can see more of his work at his personal website where you will be able to appreciate many of his photographs from all around the world as Dani is a passionate vagabond. Pay special attention to his photographs from Lanzarote, a hidden treasure in the North Atlantic Ocean and home to Dani for almost 15 years. Also on his website you will be able to read about his project in which he supports four children and their mothers in Nepal.



Juraj Sedlak

Juraj is a freelance photographer and a storyteller with a journalistic background and a kid at heart. He is the proud father of Lukáš Oliver and a visually curious person. Born and grown up in Slovakia he made Bali the home for him and his little family. Bali Boutique School Photography is his latest project in which he strives to offer parents a more custom, candid and boutique option for school portraits than an average school portrait photographer. His pictures are personal and honest, full of authenticity and natural expressiveness.