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Years ago when I first picked up a camera I was living on a wonderful little island in the North Atlantic Ocean. Taken by its particular beauty and wonderful light I captured its mesmerising landscapes for many years and always since then considered myself a landscape photographer. I did and do enjoy the quietness of the great outdoors, its stunning scenery in the ever changing light under the clouds, the gaze escaping to the unobstructed horizon.

A few years back I then I moved to Bali. "Paradise", "The Island of the Gods" as it is known to many. Also not because of photography I had come to photographers paradise... Did I? "One has to wash their eyes with beauty" a woman said to me not long after I arrived on the island and struggled to make sense of the chaos in south Bali where I have to live because of work. Sure, there are still mostly unspoiled places of what Bali used to be and many locals and tourist alike will affirm this but it is the words "there are still" that reveal that there is another truth. The truth of a paradise that seems to vanish, making place to an industry that, while adorning its slogans with what once used to draw visitors to its shores, does little to conserve the very treasures it is selling.

It was in those early days after my arrival that I got the domain for

Bali Photography is to showcase some of the most beautiful photographs of Bali and the work of photographers living in the island of the gods. This is not just another image collection. Bali Photography chooses quality over quantity to bring you up close and deep inside this mystical and wonderful island.

The previous paragraph used to be the introduction of this page's About section. The vision and wish I had this page to be but realised that this vision I had is not the entire truth of Bali... At least not my truth.

During the following years to come I took less and less pictures. I found it hard to "wash my eyes with beauty" at least not without zooming in and leaving out of consideration the big picture, the gaze till the horizon, the unobstructed view with an wide angle view. Attempts to do so unavoidably also always included fragments of the dark side of paradise. Yet still here I am trying to make sense of the chaos that surrounds me every day. For a reason or another at the moment I am stranded here and this page is now my visual diary to shout out loud my personal truth of Bali.

And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd 'Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud And I know that you'll use them, however you want to...
Anna Nalick - Breathe

Selalu Tamu (Always a guest)