Lakes & Rivers

Bali's lakes and rivers. Home to the gods, mystical hide away and social meeting point, Relax your soul, refresh your body... Breathe.

Sawah / Ricefields

Bali's green soul, garden of the gods, pantry to the people and mother nature's canvas for Bali's most beautiful treasure.

Beach & Sea

Ancient Balinese believe is the sea to be home to demons and other dark forces. Nowadays the sea is playground to locals and foreigners.


The Balinese celebrate life through ceremonies and daily rituals. It is said there is not a day in Bali without a ceremony of some kind.


As diverse as Indonesias rich culture itself a traditional wedding is always a delight for all of your senses.

Bali Villas & Hotels

Home from home, dream home... When the balinese style meets architecture dreams come true.


It is said that there are more then 20.000 temples in Bali, truly making it the island of the gods. Some claim that there are actually more temples than homes in Bali.


With an estimated more then 18.000 islands and around 300 ethnic groups Indonesia has many faces and beautiful places.